Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic


The mission of IBHC is to address disparities in the availability of comprehensive, integrative behavioral health care for adults who are uninsured or unable to afford low cost, high quality care. A key component in improving quality of life requires clinical intervention, understanding client’s needs, and connecting people to resources that are collectively geared at improving mental health, which requires tools that are not universally available within our community. IBHC services are available, free of charge, to individuals who are not being served by other agencies.


 IBHC is a student facilitated integrative behavioral health clinic. The students are under the direct supervision of licensed clinical social workers.  Students providing the services remain in a rotation at the clinic for a period of four to nine months. Services are developed based on individual need and student skill set. Services include but are not limited to: counseling for individuals, couples, and/or families; community resource coordination; and educational, process, psychotherapy, and support groups.

Sponsored by MU School of Social Work